Learning Unity3d  so I’m going to post a bit of what I find. Little work in progress arcade style shooter (not the end goal but a quick and easy set of tutorials that i’m bastardizing with my old 3d models from Adrift  a game me and a friend made a few years back.

Anyway without further ado, first build (not a lot of functionality yet, but you can make the boat go back and forth and up and down [click on the window and the arrow keys for movement mouse to shoot])

Embedded game after the continue read link.

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Insightful Write-up On One Important Question Regarding NSA Computer Network Dominance

Came across this article on twitter and I must say, definitely hit home and makes me question even the enterprise grade tools and standard practices that even the people good at what we do (not even counting in the people who just do the slop security i’m talking even the good programs are seemingly outgunned).

Does kind of make me proud that our side has such sophistication. It does offer a bit of gray area feel though regarding our civil liberties in the equation. Either way, no judgement either way, good article.

Link here.